I was in BaskinRobins located in alexandria va...intersection of beulah street and parkway...in manchester lake shopping plaza...it was friday night 930pm and the server was totally disrespectful...she literally kicked me out the store so she can go meetup with her bf who she was talking to about with her coworker...when i ordered she showed worse attitude ever...and did not get my order right and said she could not do anything about it due to the fact she already "served" to me; as i paid TWICE...one for wrong order and 1 for right order..she showed even more attitude to me trying to sit down to enjoy my icecream as again her bf is waiing...when i asked for her name..she took off her nametag so i could not get it...it was something along the line of mindy or misty as her coworker was calling to her fo finish washing the blenders..short asian girl in her teens...dressed unprofessially...yoga pants with a shirt showing her midsection...and back of shirt tied up to showoff her behind...i am a regular customer of baskinrobins throughout VA...never had complaint except for this location where this young lady was in such a rush to meet her bf and not care about customers...i gave her a dollar tip which she didnt even deserve...i will be going back in there to speak to manager and make my complaint in person as i want this teen-girl fired for lack of respect, bad customer service, showing attitude, being rude, messing up order and double charging me!

Monetary Loss: $7.

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