There was an ad on craigslist mentioning that they're looking for an enthusiastic worker and to provide a resume in person or email. Assuming they'd like to see the person who could be a potential employee, I went in person and, let me tell you that was a mistake because it was perhaps the WORST experience at a Baskin Robbins.

The first worker was happy and smiling and told me she was going to give my resume to their manager but then, I'm guessing, the manager herself came up to me and started looking over my resume with the most critical eye ever. She asked me that I'm supposed to apply online for the application and then send the resume online. Okay, well, the ad only mentions "Please drop off resume at store location or email" so if it said to apply online, I would have. She then immediately gave me a face and challenged me by asking me what I've done before.

It was ridiculous because she asked me if I've ever done customer service and I have! It's written plainly on the resume that I did customer service in my pervious jobs and it explained what I did! She then started telling me that I've be working too many hours if I have a second job and that it'd be a lot. I reassured her plenty of times that it's fine, I've done it before and it shouldn't be a problem.

I guess they want someone who doesn't have a job and is available whenever they need that person because part-time isn't what they're looking for when the ad only mentions part-time.

Honestly, this is the second time I've had a terrible experience with Baskin Robbins and I take back whatever resumes I've sent out because with this new experience, no way do I want to work in a setting with that lady or anyone with such an attitude. I dislike it so much and it doesn't help that I have an illness.

Like ***, what the ***.

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