San Diego area has been running the commercial about the woman kicking a soccer ball and yelling at the little boy, "In your face". I find this in very poor taste and something that you just don't do to a small child!

Just what kind of a message are you trying to convey anyway to our younger generation? I hope your ad people withdraw this commercial!!!

This commercial was last run at 6 PM on Sunday, 7/20/08.

I have seen this commercial on all of San Diego's major television stations and feel that this commercial should be stopped immediately!

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Voiron, Rhone-Alpes, France #27692

Come on guys, lighten up! This commercial is hilarious! LOL

Boryspil', Kyiv, Ukraine #25233

And I am sorry, for clarification:

I realize Grace was not in favor of this commercial, so when I say it is exactly what Grace said, I mean how, at the end of her comment, she said the mother was the one acting like a child. Please do not take my comment regarding Grace's out of context.

And please do not start to rip on one another, either. Jim, by making a remark such as that about Non Ya and at the same time talking about our nation going down the toilet, don't you think behavior such as that spiteful and mean spirit toward someone you don't even know actually contributes to the "fabric" of our society that is becoming ripped at the seams because we are so self-centered and downright rude toward one another? If you don't like that about this society, don't fuel it by actions such as that! :o)

Have a nice day, everyone!

Boryspil', Kyiv, Ukraine #25232

Although I can easily see how this commecial could be marked both offensive and inappropriate, I think the message is exactly what Grace said. I think it is supposed to show the mom is just so overcome with excitement about ice cream that she reverts to a child-like state with her actions.

Because really, children do act in that manner, we all know this; especially when ice cream is on the line. We obviously teach them this is wrong, but that is what makes the commerical humorous to at least a small degree! I don't think it is really that bad, and I do believe there are other issues at hand and problems with our society other than how liberal we should allow companies to be when promoting their products.

In a way, I like the step the company took and the piece they are showing that is a little out of the ordinary. Maybe it's just my left-winged brain and self, after all, but I let out a chuckle when I saw this commercial!

Kendall, Wisconsin, United States #24749

This ad is just another example how far this nation has sunk into the toilet, financially, politically, and ethically. The real problem is that many people do not understand that each tear in the fabric that this nation was woven from is one more step to its destruction. An example of this is the comment by Non Ya.

Dalton Gardens, Idaho, United States #23549

You are a big baby and need to grow up. The commercial is a laugh riot.

Only an absolute *** would start over analyzing it like you have.

Good grief. Please go have a beer and cheer up a little.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #23362

Not only is it a poor commercial take a double look at the kid that is running toward the mom, first it's a little boy then it's a little girl. I agree with you a "soccer mom" shouldn't be yelling in a kids face because she wants ice cream, who is the child in this?

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #23346

Well with competitive sports that is the way things are in real life unfortunately. Which makes the commercial worse and which makes more of a reason to take it off.

We already have parents yelling at their child's teammates because they missed a pass or let a goal in or did something to help the other team score. We don't need commercials to encourage this type of behaviour and make them think it is normal.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #23337

I saw it and agree 100%.

I don't know if this site sends these posts to the company. If not, shoot a copy to planetfeedback.com and they will.

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